Sustainability - Green matters

"Understanding Sustainability is actually quite simple. it's about behaving as you would if you knew you were going to live forever."
Simon Harvey
BusinessLAB Ltd.

General Policies

  • We source our products from local or Fair Trade suppliers where possible.
  • We buy or use recycled products wherever possible.
  • We use fresh, seasonal produce on our menus and encourage our caterers to avoid the use of mass-produced items where possible.
  •  We recycle as much waste as possible and encourage our caterers and guests to do the same.
  • We support and have been founding members of the Nelson Tasman Sustainability Charter, The Sustainable Business Network and the Wellness Cluster.

Building Construction

  • Well, there are probably not many more eco-friendly building materials than handmade, sun-dried adobe blocks made by us and WWOOFERs (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) from the clay beneath us, the only additions being straw and water. 
  • We have used locally made woollen batts as the roof insulation.
  • The wooden joinery, both exterior and interior, was made by craftsman local joiner Michael Bender of Riverside Community.
  • The toilet cisterns are recycled copper.The mock flagstone effect in the Main Turret was made with an oil range derived from orange peel.
  • The top of the main turret roof is able to be lifted to release hot air in Summer. 
  • The turrets that couldn't have overhangs (and therefore could not be constructed in sun dried clay) were constructed from bricks made from utilising waste sawdust.
  • The sawdust bricks were painted to look like adobe bricks with our own handmade limewash tinted with natural ochres.


  • We use low energy lightbulbs where practical and 12v wiring where possible
  • We heat a large percentage of our hot water using solar energy.
  • We have installed Showerdomes on the top of as many showers as possible to trap heat and moisture and reduce the use of hot water. 
  • A start has been made on double and triple glazing all exterior windows. 
  • We encourage the cleaners and guests to turn off lights and equipment when not in use. 
  • The seals on our freezers and fridges have been checked for air leaks. 
  • We do not use heating or airconditioning if the doors and windows are open. 
  • A radiator system is powered by one woodburner to assist with ambient heating of the lower floor during Winter.
  • Dishwashers and glasswashers are not run until there is a full load. 
  • TVs and stereos are switched off at the wall when not in use.


  • Our business cards and postcards are printed on recycled card using vegetable inks.
  • The pens in the guest room compendiums are made from recycled materials.


Most detergents leave some form of chemical and/or organic residue in your clothes, towels and bedlinen which can lead to skin irritations, allergic reactions and stuffy noses.

  • We do not launder your bed or bath linen with any chemical or organic compound.
  • The hand soap we provide in-house and function guests is 100% gmo free and free of animal products, foaming agents, synthetic dyes and fragrances. It is handmade locally from 100% Pure Olive and Organic Vegetable Oil and comes in compostable packaging.

  • It's a start...