The Feng Shui of The Mudcastle

by Will Challis


A rural location gives the landscape a much greater influence on the Feng Shui of an individual building. This is especially so with regard to The Mudcastle.

The house sits towards the end of a distinctive ridge. On either side, the ridge is flanked by long continuous hills that form a valley in front of the house. The sea can be seen from the upper edge of the property. This landscape displays classical Feng Shui formations and the assessment has been primarily focused on determining how successfully the house is taking advantage of these features and areas that can be further enhanced.

The ridge upon which the house sits is known as Dragon in Traditional Feng Shui.

Many formulae give qualitative assessments of Dragons and how they effect different buildings, often in relation to the main door. The main door is said to receive the energy of the environment into the house and determine how it will function. 

Having natural water on the site is a great benefit, especially the presence of springs. The work in directing the stream and construction of ponds is excellent. Having a water feature run passed the front door is a fundamental requirement to ensuring good luck.

As future development takes place in the valley particularly on prominent hills there will be an influence on The Mudcastle. These impacts should be minor unless the construction is excessive.

Theoretical Analysis

Dragon Assessment

The ridge upon which the house sits is a clean and distinctive land formation. It approaches the house smoothly and has enormous positive potential as a result.

In addition this ridge is embraced on either side by longer and higher lines of hills that create a protective, nurturing quality. The dragon sinks back into the valley below the house placing the building in an ideal position. This situation is very much something straight out of a classical text.

Standing upon the ridge above the house the surrounding hill patterns can be clearly seen. The left and right embracing lines of hills cross over, hiding the exit to the valley. This is an additional benefit. The chi or energy of the land is not seen to escape. Water is regarded as the most powerful element we have access to in Feng Shui and said to control wealth in the broadest sense. Having several natural springs surfacing at the end of the ridge is another indication of the potential of this site.

The Piercing Mountain 72 Dragon formula is used to assess the directional quality of the dragon itself. A translation of the traditional text offers this advice: "many children, many celebrations, every generation powerful, good in Tiger, Horse and Dog years" - currently 2002, 2010 & 2018.

Expanding and Contracting 60 Dragons is a formula that assesses the elemental quality of the incoming land feature in relation to the occupants. In this instance the ridge has a Fire quality. Using your birth dates, Kevin is a Water person (elements can vary depending on the formula applied). Water overcomes fire, this is known as "conquering out" and is the best relationship possible. You can think of it as the person controlling the land.

Glenys is indicated as a Fire person, the same as the dragon and is thus said to be "making friends" with the dragon. This relationship is said to create "enough" people and money and bring helpful people.

New Main Door

The new main door to be constructed in the very near future is ideal. The Ba Gua Direct Combination formula fits perfectly - as the Dragon (ridge direction) and the door direction are in perfect unison. This is excellent.

The Tan Lang Nine Stars formula also asseses the relationship of the incoming dragon and door direction. The indication is that the new door will enhance the health and longevity of the occupants.

From a direct perception/aesthetic perspective the existing front door being 'hidden' from view is a problem. The door being continually missed on arrival is indicative of this. The new main door will overcome this


There are a number of water features on the property. The most significant are the ponds and connecting stream that runs in the valley in front of the house. Again this arrangement matches remarkably with classical formulae. The first pond at the rear boundary is the perfect entry for the Heaven Plate Seam needle water assessment.

The central pond extends across the true front of the house.

The only aspect that requires attention is the water exit from the property. This can be addressed during the construction of the planned drawbridge and moat when the stream can be realigned. The visible exit is the key. Depending on drawbridge design you may use trees to screen off undesirable outgoing water.

The swimming pools with their connecting waterfall feature appear to be neutral. Generally having water visibly run away from the house is not recommended. However, the lower pool being larger and the overflow being hidden compensate this.

The spring, which is as yet untapped, is better left in that state for the time being. Water not seen by "heavens eye" can be discounted. Having water surface visibly in the indicated position on the ridge may have detrimental effects. As other building work is carried out there will likely be an opportunity to put this water to beneficial result.

The House

The landscape is the overwhelming influence on this property. There are numerous details within the house that can be examined and perhaps enhanced due to there being ongoing construction for some time yet i feel the fundamentals of the building and landscape are of much greater significance. The main door matching the dragon, coupled with the beneficial water arrangement is so good that they will carry any minor discrepancies in the house.

(Oops - we have still to change the front door. But for those who are able even now to feel something special when they come onto The Mudcastle site - and many do without the slightest knowledge of Feng Shui - it does appear that there was something to Kevin and I looking at this one property a mere 6 weeks after meeting one another and just knowing it was right for us. We weren't to know about the "many celebrations" bit back then but given the number of weddings and functions held here, there are clearly others who are attracted to the Dragon also.)