Mission Statement


To create the most memorable, sustainable, reputable and sought after venue experience in the region.


We shall successfully achieve our vision through the tireless provision of exceptional service; our ongoing commitment to the local community and the continual introduction of innovative and eco-friendly improvements to enhance our guests’ experience of our Kiwi castle.

Core Values

1. Exceeding client’s expectations

  • To not only do what we say but to go that extra mile every time

 2. Commitment to wellness

  • To promote healthy living; provide a natural environment and support our excellent fresh local food producers

 3. Respect for the environment

 4. Integrity of reputation

  • To spark only good reactions when the business name is mentioned

 5. Quality

  • To make “special touches” the norm, including homemade items where possible

 6. Consistency

  • To seamlessly provide excellent service from contractors and owners alike - it should not be apparent who has done any task

 7. Reliability

  • To follow through on any commitment

 8. Retaining the aesthetics and ambience of a “special” home

  • To integrate the commercial aspects of the business in such a way as not to detract from the primary function of the building as a home or affect its welcoming appeal. To provide a haven from technology for world-weary guests

 9. Support local businesses

  •  To provide a regular conduit for quality local produce and crafts and referral business for local activities